When Compliance is Not Enough


PCI DSS Compliance

If your company transmits, stores, or processes credit card data, you need to be in compliance with PCI DSS requirements. But there’s more to it than just following the basics.


EI3PA Compliance

Experian, the consumer credit reporting agency, has developed its own set of compliance rules for their resellers. If your company is an Experian reseller, you need to pass their Experian Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA).


SSAE 18 Compliance

If your company provides payroll processing, loan servicing, SaaS, network monitoring, or any other service which may affect a company's financial statements, you'll need an SSAE 18 report.


Penetration Testing

Are your cyber systems as secure as you think they are? Do you feel 100% confident that a hacker couldn’t breach your digital defences? Let our team of ethical hackers test out your systems and plug any security holes before the bad guys find them.


Risk and Fraud

The reality is whenever you’re dealing with money, there’s always a risk of fraud. Let 1st Secure IT Security help build you a system that detects fraud attempts, stops them from occurring, and responds to incidents quickly and efficiently.

Cyber Security Risk Management And Consulting Service

1st Secure IT Security is a team of IT professionals, cyber security consultants, and ethical hackers who have come together with one uniting belief – that the minimum requirements aren’t enough to keep your business safe in the digital world.

We believe that anyone who settles for the minimum requirements isn’t likely to achieve excellence. By using the minimum requirements of PCI DSS, EI3PA, and SSAE 16 as starting points, we’ll build you a secure, robust system designed to protect your data from the bad guys.

The days of grand bank robberies and stick-ups are over. Today, clever criminals are more interested in data theft, identity theft, and fraud, all done behind a computer screen.

Let 1st Secure IT security keep you safe.

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