How To Avoid A Lawsuit Over A Data Breach

Ride sharing. Credit Scores. Retail.

Although in three completely different industries, these companies all have something in common.

They have all suffered large, public, data breaches.

Whether from hackers, or poor cyber security practices it seems no one is immune.
It goes to show that if these giants can be susceptible to data breaches, anyone can be.

So let’s take a look at data breach protection and how you can protect yourself and your business if it happens to you.

Do you know what to do in the event of a breach?

Have you trained your employees on how to respond?

Do you have a plan in place?

Read on for more information about what to do to be ready.

1. Report The Breach As Soon As Possible

Waiting too long to report the breach once you become aware of it could literally cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Settlements are generally based on the number of people affected by the breach, and the scope of the damage, and part of this calculation is how long the company took to disclose the breach.

Besides, most jurisdictions today have laws about the requirements for reporting data breaches.

While it may be tempting to go hide under your bed for a few months and hope nobody notices, being forthcoming with the issues as soon as you find them will help you maintain some semblance of your good reputation and help you minimize losses.

2. Control How Your Staff Communicates Publicly

It’s very important to control the message your company communicates to the public after a data breach occurs.

The wrong claim or promise could come back to haunt you in court.

Plan in advance what you would say in various scenarios (for instance, if you were hacked vs finding out about a disgruntled employee leaking information) and have statements ready to be modified according to the specifics of the situation.

You should have a specifically trained Public Relations person or team in place to handle all inquiries related to the breach, and employees should be directing all inquiries to this person or team, rather than answering questions themselves.

But what happens of one of your other staff members are contacted about the situation?

This is where training comes into play.

A good response might be something like “We are not authorized to comment on the situation” and then directing the questioner to the proper contact.

Avoid having people say “No comment” as this can often be misconstrued as a confirmation of information.

3. Go Through Data Breach Training

The first line of defense is always doing everything possible to prevent a breach from occurring in the first place, but if it does happen you want to be prepared.

Proper planning and training can help to catch breaches faster and limit the exposure of sensitive information.

Equipping your employees with cybersecurity training and education so if any one person suspects a breach they know exactly what steps to take is important.

Running simulations of a data breach, and practicing the steps to take can help ensure employees are confident in their ability to respond to incidents.

4. Consider A Cybersecurity Insurance Plan

In the event you do experience a data breach, a cyber security insurance plan could be a lifesaver.

In addition to offering financial resources to help you through a breach, it can also provide technical, legal, and other resources.

The right policy could save you from financial disaster.

5. Focus On Your Vendors

Links between your company and your vendors could result in links between your IT networks.

Thus, a gap in the security of your vendors cyber security could also compromise your own systems.

Ensuring the vendors you do business with have acceptable levels of cyber security is a way to minimize your own risk.

Set standards and hold your vendors to those same standards, as a condition of doing business with you.

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