How To Get Your Employees To Improve Your IT Security

Recently, we’ve been posting about the human factor in the world of IT security. The sad reality is that you can hire a team of ethical hackers to do as much penetration testing and security analysis as you want – all that will be for nothing if one of your staff members lets a hacker in themselves.

No matter what your business is, no matter what type of operation you run, your staff will always be your greatest liability when it comes to IT security. And they aren’t doing it on purpose either. With extremely rare exception, none of your staff members actively want to cause risk to your security.

No, they’re doing it out of simple ignorance.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help mitigate those risks and get your staff on your team when it comes to shoring up defenses against hackers or other bad characters out there.

Here are some of 1st Secure IT’s top tips on how to train your staff to be more IT security savvy.

1. Train them. Over and over.

Some organizations just have their IT department worry about IT security, and nobody else.

These are the same organizations who end up getting hacked.

But it’s not enough just to have your IT head tell your staff about password safety and then forget about it. You need to be training your staff on an ongoing basis.

After all, repetition is the key to learning anything. Think back to your time in school – did you remember everything your teacher told you in lecture, or did you have to study before a test to make sure you remembered it?

Not only do you need to train on an ongoing basis, you also need to make sure your training is relevant to the position your staff holds. This means providing a higher level of training to those staff members who have higher levels of permissions on their account.

It also helps to implement some simple rules for your staff, like not accessing company servers anywhere other than at the office or approved locations. And of course, training everyone on how to recognize a phishing scam or a malware attack is a must.

2. Don’t just teach them. Test them.

If you want to learn how someone will handle an emergency situation, the only real way to know is by putting them in an emergency situation.

Medical students can’t go from reading books to performing open-heart surgery. They need to be eased into it and put into some “live fire” exercises where enough is at stake for them to care.

The same goes for your company’s IT security.

Contracting a third party to simulate some sort of data breach or cyberattack can help you better understand what would happen in case you’re faced with a real crisis. How will they react? Will they play right into the phishing email you just sent them? Will they innocently grant access to your company’s intranet? Or will the training you gave them be enough to protect your data and your IT infrastructure from attackers?

There’s only one way to find out.

This will not only help you understand how prepared you are for a cyberattack, it will also help your employees understand what’s potentially at stake and how an attack might look.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

Now that you’ve trained your employees and you’ve tested them, you may feel like it’s smooth sailing ahead.

And it might be, for a little while.

But hackers are crafty people. They’re always looking for new ways to crack into a company’s data, since the reward for them can be well worth the risk.

Ongoing communication is crucial here. If you can’t find a way to communicate your security needs to your staff, you can’t expect them to understand them. Whether this means getting your IT department to hold regular workshops on IT security or hiring a third-party firm to come in and train your people, communication is extremely important here.

You might want to consider some sort of incentive for your staff to report potential security risks as well – a phishing attack caught early can be significantly less damaging than one left for several days.

Contact 1st Secure IT

If you’re worried about whether your company is properly prepared for a cyber attack, that’s a good thing. Recognizing a threat is better than sitting confident when there’s an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

But whatever your IT security needs, 1st Secure IT can help.

We can help you prepare your staff for any cyberattacks that may occur. And we can test your current IT infrastructure to help you understand the gaps in your armour which an attacker may be able to exploit.

Whatever your business, don’t leave it up to chance. Contact 1st Secure IT today and keep your business safe and secure in the uncertain digital world.

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