How to Respond to a Data Breach`

There are few things that frightens both companies and their clients as much as the phrase “data breach.”

Corporations face this threat now more than ever, and this can be seen in new stories seemingly every week.

The first line of defense when it comes to data breaches is to implement the proper security precautions to help you avoid a data breach in the first place. But if it’s too late for that, there are steps you can take when it comes to recovering from a data breach.

Here are five steps you can take to recover from a data breach.

1. Review And Implement Your Data Breach Response Plan

You do have a plan for dealing with data breaches, don’t you?

Every company that deals with digital information should have a data breach response plan. This plan should cover your defenses and your strategies of how to deal with these breaches.

It should include incident reporting policies and response procedures that include members from:

  • Management
  • General IT
  • IT security
  • Physical security
  • PR
  • Legal counsel

If you don’t already have a plan to respond to data breaches, reach out to an IT security company to help create one.

Speaking of legal counsel, that brings us to our next point.

2. Talk to your Lawyers

It’s typical in this situation to let the outside counsel to take the lead as they can better ensure compliance with all applicable laws and maintain attorney-client confidentiality.

Act as quickly as possible to limit any fallout. The longer you wait, the more you put your clients, your company, and your data at risk.

It’s at this stage that you should be also speaking to your insurance providers to determine your liabilities.

3. Notify The Affected Parties As Soon As Possible

The longer you wait before notifying the parties who have been compromised or potentially compromised by the data breach, the more you’re potentially exposed to consequences.

When you don’t inform your clients of their risk, they remain completely open and vulnerable.

By informing your clients, not only are you limiting your PR liabilities and losses, you may also be avoiding legal fines for violating strict timelines for this procedure that exist in certain jurisdictions.

This is a critical step. How and when people are notified is the difference between a landmark example that is eventually taught in business school demonstrating how to handle these events, or just another mess that ends up getting people sued.

4. Implement Your Data Backup Recovery Plan

You have been backing up your data, right?

A data breach is a frightening event, but while your company deals with the PR and client fallout from this event, you also need to continue your regular operations.

The easiest way to recover from such an attack is to have a robust data backup plan in place. Here at 1st Secure IT, we recommend the 3-2-1 backup rule. Here’s how that works

  • Have at least 3 copies of your data
  • Store it on at least 2 different types of media
  • Have at least 1 of them stored off-site

While no data backup plan is 100% perfect, the 3-2-1 backup rule offers a good combination of security, robustness, and simplicity.

Restoring your backups from your data backup recovery plan means you can resume company operations much more quickly.

5. Contact An IT Security Company

If you have been carefully reading this article and finding yourself saying, “I don’t have one of those,” or “We, need to hire a firm like that”, then you should be looking into hiring an IT security firm.

If by some chance you or your company are incredibly well-prepared for data breaches, and are reading this article nodding along, enjoying the list-oriented affirmations that you have all your digital ducks in a row, then you likely already have a firm on contract for IT security.

If you fall into the first group, then you should strongly consider this last step of hiring an IT security firm like 1st Secure IT.

Here at 1st Secure IT, we’re prepared to take you by the hand and help ensure that every aspect of your company is prepared to prevent this type of incident from ever happening to you, or if it just has, to prevent it from happening again.

Don’t let your business end up as just another statistic. Contact 1st Secure IT today, and keep yourself secure in an uncertain digital world.

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