PCI Compliance for Acquirers and ISOs

On top of merchants and service providers, there is an additional layer of PCI DSS compliance for acquirers and ISOs

As the industry continues to change, these organizations have become the new gatekeepers for PCI compliance. According to the payment card industry security standards council (PCI SSC), it’s up to these organizations to make sure their merchants are PCI DSS compliant.

This means, if you’re an acquiring bank or an ISO, you’re on the hook if one of your merchants is found to be PCI DSS noncompliant.

And the fines are steep.

On top of this, if one of your noncompliant merchants suffers a data breach, you’ll be on the hook even more.

Banks also need to be PCI DSS and possibly PCI PIN compliant in order to be compliant with other banking regulations, including the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

With so much on the line, who do you trust to deliver safe, effective PCI DSS compliance solutions?

Simple. Go with the company with a proven track record.

Go with 1st Secure IT.

1st Secure IT has a proven record of assisting banks and ISOs in their efforts to achieve higher PCI DSS compliance rates for their merchant portfolios.

PCI DSS Solutions For Acquiring Banks And ISOs

Here at 1st Secure IT, we offer PCI DSS compliance solutions for acquiring banks and ISOs for all merchant levels.

We can help your level 3 and 4 merchants complete their annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and perform the quarterly ASV scans they need to remain PCI DSS compliant.

Also, for your level 1 and 2 merchants, we can perform their annual report on compliance (ROC), perform their quarterly ASV scans, and complete their attestation of compliance.

By helping your merchants remain PCI DSS compliant, you’re reducing your own business risk and avoiding some potentially heavy fines. On top of that, you’re helping to keep the data of your cardholders and clients safe and secure.

Some of the benefits of working with 1st Secure IT include:

  • An ISO or aquirer portal where you can easily see the PCI compliant status of all your merchants
  • Customizable card brand reports
  • A fully integrated merchant communication platform
  • One flat fee for both your merchant’s SAQ and ASV scan
  • An easy-to-use electronic self-assessment questionnaire
  • ASV-approved vulnerability scanning engine by Saint Corporation (Certificate Number 4268-01-07)
  • Ability to check your merchant’s scan’s status and update your account 24/7
  • Assistance with choosing the proper SAQ form and filling it out
  • Monthly billing options available
  • A customized IT security policy, remediation plan, and incident response plan for each of your merchants
  • A $50,000 data breach insurance policy available (for an additional charge)
  • A discounted QSA ROC is available for Level 1 and Level 2 merchants as well as Level 3 or Level 4 merchants that have experienced a data breach and are required to undergo a Level 1 ROC audit
  • And more

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If you’re an acquiring bank or ISO, you can’t afford to be caught PCI DSS noncompliant.

Nor can you afford to allow your merchants to be PCI DSS noncompliant.

You need an experienced IT security company.

You need 1st Secure IT.

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